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Inductees to the 2016 Hall of Fame range from the business sector to motorsports.

Charles S Felts

Charles Sylvester Felts

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Charles Sylvester Felts was a man whose integrity was recognized and respected by citizens of Wilkes from various walks of life. It was known of Felts that he would not "sear your back." This meant if Felts saw you running away from a still and never saw your face, he would not sear in court that he could identify you. Felts had a reputation of never stretching the truth.
John Allen Garwood

John Allen Garwood

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • John Allen Garwood's passion for North Carolina public education was evident through a lifetime of service. He was appointed to the Appalachian Board of Trustees, the University of North Carolina Board of Governors, the Public School Forum of North Carolina, Wilkes Literacy Consortium and the Wilkes County Vocational Education Board.
James Hemric

James Aaron Hemric

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • During Jim’s 21-year coaching career he mentored young men as he led by example, while striving to instill team values in each of his players. Those values included demonstrating good sportsmanship on and off the field of play and teaching baseball fundamentals.
Dr Frederick Hubbard

Dr. Frederick Cecil Hubbard

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Hubbard was one of the leaders in the Y.M.C.A. movement in Wilkes County and is a past president of the Y.M.C.A. He was a charter member of the Kiwanis Club in North Wilkesboro and was very active in local and state medical societies.
Richard B Johnston

Richard Blaine Johnston

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Richard Johnston served the local furniture industry from 1935-1975. He was the son of the American Furniture Company founder, Andrew Blaine Johnston.
Irene Parsons

Irene Adelaide Parsons

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Irene Adelaide Parsons' leadership brought honor to her agency and she was recognized in the Congressional Record for making the “VA personnel operation one of the most successful in government.”
Enoch Staley

Enoch Rufus Staley

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Enoch Rufus Staley, President of North Wilkesboro Speedway, was a charter member of NASCAR and pioneer in the sport. Staley worked multiple roles as the sport grew to attain the international prominence it enjoys today.
Alvin A Sturdivant Jr

Alvin A. Sturdivant, Jr.

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Sturdivant has been active in community service for many years and in many ways including Chairman of Wilkes Regional Medical Center and founder of The Health Foundation, Inc. whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of the citizens of Wilkes County.
B Townes

Frederick "B" William Townes IV

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • "B" Townes was instrumental in developing the WCC Horticulture Program and master plan for the WCC Gardens construction and endowments. To support the gardens, Townes conceived the idea of a music festival (MerleFest) in memory of Merle Watson.
Dr. Zaphon R. Wilson

Dr. Zaphon Robert Wilson

  • Year Inducted: 2016
  • Dr. Zaphon Robert Wilson received the Appalachian State University’s Face of Courage Award for his contributions during Appalachian State University’s early efforts to promote racial diversity.